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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Facilitated Mediation

Nationally accredited Mediators with qualifications recognised by the NMAS and registered with The Australian Mediation Association.

Mediation supports conflict resolution using a methodology that empowers the parties to reach their own, mutually agreed outcomes.

An alternative to pursuing litigation or other formal processes, giving parties more control over the way the issues are managed.

The mediator helps people to better communicate, enabling understanding of the needs, interests and concerns of the other party in a confidential and impartial process to achieve timely results.


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Workplace Coaching

Leadership Effectiveness

Qualified and experienced organisational coaches with real world leadership and management experience in Global Corporate, Not for Profit and Small to Medium Enterprise.

Workplace Coaching may be  initiated as an agreed outcome of a mediation process, particularly in workplace mediation cases.

Coaching is also a standalone solution for developing effectiveness as a leader or team, using a tailored approach to developing and achieving goals in the following focus areas:

– High Performance Outcomes
– Interpersonal Effectiveness
– Leadership Impact
– Change Leadership
– Overcoming Performance Hurdles
– Decision Making Support through Ambiguity and Change
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